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What can I do to reduce getting cavities?

Can you avoid getting tooth decay? Actually, most of the tooth decay and cavity formation are avoidable. Why do we get cavities? Let's look at the reasons.

  • Sugar - too much sugar in your diet. Hidden sugars is a main culprit. For example, spicy chips can be misleading due to the idea of spicy. But these chips are full of sticky carbs that stay on your teeth even long after you have finished your meals. So while you think you ate something spicy, it can still be full of sugar. Sugar and spicy can go hand in hand when it comes to food.

Especially for kids and teenagers with fairly new teeth, their teeth have very deep grooves. Adults have worn out the teeth with years of chewing but kids have deep grooves in their new teeth. So sticky food tends to stay longer on the younger teeth.

  • Sticky carbs - candy, cookies, chips, chocolates (all Cs). All sticky and stays on the teeth for long periods.

  • Drinks - soda, juice, wine, etc. All these drinks are full of sugar and even diet sodas can have detrimental effects on your teeth due to their low pH and acidity. Acid attack on your enamel is the main reason for enamel weakening and breakdown.

  • Poor oral hygiene and habits - Brushing twice a day and flossing every night is an important step in reducing the sugar, acids and food debris sticking on your teeth. If oral hygiene is poor you have high risk for cavities.

What can you do?

Brush twice a day.

Floss every night.

Cut down on food and drinks with high sugar contents.

Drink more water to flush out the sugar and food in your mouth.

Teach kids about importance of oral health.

Provide alternative snacks such as yoghurts, cheese, carrots for growing kids and teenagers.

Encourage and applaud your kids when they follow good oral hygiene habits.

Get professional help when needed.


Get your kids to focus on brushing and flossing from as early as possible, educate them on importance of good oral hygiene habits and smart food choices. As parents, always lead by example!

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